Perkumpulan Kardiologi Indonesia (PERKI) was founded on November 16, 1957, initiated by Dr. Gan Tjong Bing, and officially established on November 28, 1957, due to the increasing of interest in the study of cardiovascular diseases in the 1950s and the development of relationships between cardiovascular experts in Indonesia and abroad. As time passed and knowledge of cardiovascular progressed, the association continued to develop, and currently has more than 1,600 vascular specialists spread throughout Indonesia. PERKI has undergone two name changes in 1994 and 1998. From the decision of KOPERKI VIII in 1998, the name was changed to the Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kardiovaskular Indonesia, and its headquarter is located in DKI Jakarta.

Vision and Mission


To become a professional organization which is trusted in the field of cardiovascular medicine, keeping up with the challenges and developments of our time, at the regional, national, and international level.”


  1. Provide high-quality cardiovascular care to patients
  2. Conduct and support research that advances the field of cardiovascular medicine
  3. Educate healthcare professionals, patients, and the public about cardiovascular health and disease prevention

Organizational Structure

Department of Organization

Head of Dept:
Magma Purnawan Putra, MD, FIHA

Berlian Idriansyah Idris, MD, FIHA

Suci Indriani, MD, FIHA

Dr. Abdul Hakim Alkatiri, MD, FIHA

Abdul Halim Raynaldo, MD, FIHA

Adrian Masno, MD, FIHA

Venice Chairadi, MD, FIHA

Department of Publication & Indonesian Journal of Cardiology

Head of Dept:
Afdhalun Anwar Hakim, MD, FIHA

Andika Sitepu, MD, FIHA

Nizam Zikri Akbar, MD, FIHA

Dr. Achmad Lefi, MD, FIHA

Irsad Andi Arso, MD, FIHA

Department of Advocacy, & Legislation Policies

Head of Dept:
Ismir Fahri, MD, FIHA

Gusti Rifansyah, MD, FIHA

Bambang Dwiputra, MD, FIHA

Dr. Dicky Armein Hanafy, MD, FIHA

Edrian Zulkarnain, MD, FIHA

Hendry Purnasidha Bagaswoto, MD, FIHA

Aditya Agita Sembiring, MD, FIHA

Amir Aziz Alkatiri, MD, FIHA

Mefri Yanni, MD, FIHA

M Yusuf Alsagaf, MD, FIHA

Adi Purnawarman, MD, FIHA

Department of Publication & Indonesian Journal of Cardiology

Head of Dept:
Sunu Budhi Raharjo, MD, PhD, FIHA

Bambang Widyantoro, MD, PhD, FIHA

Sisca Natalia Siagian, MD, FIHA

Prof. M Saifur Rohman, MD, PhD, FIHA

Department of Safety & Occupational Health

Head of Dept:
Dian Zamroni, MD, FIHA

Made Satria Yudha Dewangga, MD, FIHA Rizki, MD, FIHA

Rizki, MD, FIHA

Department of Business Empowerment and Member Welfare

Head of Dept:
Gugun Iskandar Hadiyat, MD, FIHA

Dr. Antonia Anna Lukito, MD, FIHA

Dony Yugo Hermanto, MD, FIHA

Victor Joseph, MD, FIHA

Pipin Ardhianto, MD, FIHA

Department of Information communication & Community Service

Head of Dept:
Yusra Pintaningrum, MD, FIHA

Erta Priadi Wirawijaya, MD, FIHA

Vito Anggarino Damay, MD, FIHA

Wishnu Aditya Widodo, MD, FIHA

Working Groups

Interventional Cardiology

Arrhythmias & Electrophysiology Pacing

Acute Cardiovascular Care

Heart Failure


Pulmonary Hypertensions


Vascular Medicine

Woman Cardiology

Nuclear Cardiology & Cardiac Imaging

Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis, Lipidology and Regenerative Therapy

Pediatric Cardiology & Congenital Heart Disese